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You are in control

From adjusting the volume, changing programs and streaming management, the Signia app is your go to place for tailoring your Signia Active hearing experience to your personal preferences.

Not only that, but the app also provides intelligent help and remote support through Signia Assistant and TeleCare.

The Signia App gives you total control of your Signia Active hearables
The AI powered Signia Assistant helps you hear what matters to you

AI powered personal sound

Your hearing journey is a unique experience so how about a companion to help you every step of the way.

Signia Assistant, a highly advanced, deep neural network artificial intelligence that is part of the Signia app, learns your preferences and develops new skills so you always hear what matters. And as more Signia hearing aid users around the world use the Assistant's machine learning algorithms help it get more knowledgeable and improve the support.

Unsure on how to adjust something? Not sure where you put the instructions? Don't worry as Signia Assistant has all the essential information on hand with easy to understand videos and troubleshooting guides.

A virtual visit from our Audiologist

Sometimes in our busy lives it’s impossible to fit everything in but with Signia' TeleCare you don’t have to wait around for an appointment or take time out of your day to visit a store.

That's because one of our Hearing Aid Audiologists can see you whenever and wherever you are with a remote appointment through the Signia app. Not only will you be able to see and speak to them for support, they can also make any adjustments needed to your Signia Active hearables there and then!

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